Textile industry

In the textile industry, polyester staple fiber
is in great demand. Of polyester staple fiber produce: holofayber, batting, raincoat and umbrella fabrics, sintepon, carpets, fillers for blankets, pillows, toys, bedding, home textiles, window curtains, felt, upholstery fabrics, tablecloths, napkins, shoe insoles, clothing and much other. Addition of polyester staple fiber in the fabric increases their strength and durability, allows to maintain the stability of the shape and appearance of the finished products during their operation. Polyester staple fibers are resistant to microorganisms and natural factors.

Metallurgical industry

Polyester staple fibers are used in the manufacture of press bags, hoses for refined products, filter cloths, bag-shaped filters, fire hoses, workwear for workers in chemical shops, metallurgists. Polyester staple fibers are resistant to solvents.


Polyester staple fiber is used in medicine for the manufacture of synthetic blood vessels, bandages with medicinal impregnations, surgical threads, medical clothing, hygiene supplies.

Construction industry

Polyester staple fiber is used in the construction of gas pipelines and oil pipelines, road surfaces. Also, heaters, antimicrobial and hydrophobic products, antistatic materials, geotextiles, noise insulation materials, linoleum base, floor coverings, mats, fiberglass, roofing materials, heat insulation, building materials, etc.

Other industries

Polyester staple fiber is used in automotive, food, light, chemical, agricultural, electrochemical, printing and many other industries.


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